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Sewing Pattern Alterations – Fitting a Jean Pattern for a Round Stomach

Sewing jeans are really easy once you get the hang of the process, but fitting the pattern can be challenging. The next few posts are going to deal with exactly that, fitting various body shapes. This pattern alteration is needed if you have a fuller stomach, in the old days referred to as an apple shape.  Although, I am not sure where the fruit terms originated from, I really don’t like them.  I would rather be a glass!  Wine glass, red wine glass, martini glass, goblet, water-glass,  I think you get the idea.  It just sounds a little more glamorous than an apple or pear 🙂    Anyway, if you made up a jean muslin and the pattern fit great in the legs, hips, and tush, but you just can’t get that center front closed … here you go:

Fitting a Jean Pattern for a Round Stomach

1.  Tape the front pocket in place.  Start by drawing lines on your pattern (don’t cut yet):

  • Draw a line (green) across the hip and up to the tip of the side seam.
  • Draw 2 lines (purple) perpendicular to the green line,

Angela Wolf Pattern Alteration 12.   Cut along the green line, cutting up to the side seam put NOT through the edge.

Angela Wolf Pattern Alteration 2

3.  Slide the pattern open.  Look what happens, you just gave a little more room in the front tummy area in the width and height of the pattern.

Angela Wolf Pattern Alteration 3

4.  The upper waist curve is too extreme if left like this.  Cut each purple line, down to the green line, but NOT through it.  Slide each line open until the waist curve angles down more like the original pattern.

belt loop30

5.  Redraw a new waistline and center front crotch curve (red line).

Angela Wolf Pattern Alteration 5

If you are having difficulty redrawing the front crotch curve, slide the pattern back together.  Mark the bottom edge of the facing area and trim off the front fly facing.  Follow all the steps and then tape the front facing back in place once the new center front is drawn in, lining up the facing with the marking on the pattern.  Draw a line extending the facing up to the waistline  ( I used this pattern piece, because I knew someone would ask about that).

Here is your new front pattern piece, use this for the front and left, of course one will have a front facing section and the other will not.  This is the same alteration for any pant style when you need a little more room in the tummy area.

How are your jeans coming along for March’s wardrobe challenge?  The judges are almost finished with February’s winners, hope to announce them this weekend.


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That’s all for today 🙂  Sun is shining and snow is melting, thank goodness!!!!



One Pattern, Many Ways!

This is my new DVD with Threads Magazine and this was a fun one. I took a basic pattern and teach you how to alter one pattern into 4 different styles. Click here for details and behind the scenes photos with the crew!

Introduction to WAWAK SEWING!

WAW_114_15_BANNER_JPGSome of you have asked about one of the generous sponsors of the Wardrobe Challenge and seeing my smiling face in the emails has peaked curiosity. I am thrilled to introduce you to WAWAK SEWING and yes, I am working closely with them on many new projects. WAWAK SEWING is an online resource for everything you need in your sewing and design room! Believe it or not, I have been buying from them since 1994, when I started my custom apparel business. I eventually expanded my business to include alterations and my two main sources for supplies became WAWAK SEWING and Atlanta Thread & Supply. I know a few of you were heart-broken when Atlanta Thread and Supply closed it’s doors. What you might not have realized is WAWAK acquired Atlanta Thread & Supply, now you only have to go one place for all the same supplies and WAWAK_SEWINGthe prices are still the best.
One of my missions with teaching sewing, alterations, and fashion design is to inspire people to sew. I will be working with WAWAK to supply you with sewing tips and even bring to attention some tools of the trade you might not be familiar with; yet will make your sewing life sew so much easier! You might have seen this on Pinterest, but I am giving you a glimpse of what’s coming … Sewing with Angela Wolf.  Make sure you sign up for WAWAK’s emails and monthly catalog, the sales are incredible and they offer free shipping on orders over $100. Actually, I have been scanning a few chat rooms and there was talk about a free cookie with their order. I had to check the facts on that, as I have not received mine yet 🙂 . In fact, they DO send a cookie with the first order over $75 (since my first order was 20 years ago I will give them a pass LOL). It’s like staying at the Hilton, order from the comfort of your home and the package arrives in a few days with a hot cookie!  Ok, probably not a hot cookie, but you get the idea.
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Do you have any sewing questions or tutorials you want me to consider for the new tutorials?



BTW how’s the ruching and shirring coming along?

Thanks everyone who joined PR live chat

Thanks everyone who joined in the live chat on PR – very fun, but my fingers hurt from typing so fast 🙂

Live chat on Patternreview.com

Join me tonight for a live chat at 9pm EST at www.patternreview.com

We will be talking about 2 of my favorite specialties: couture sewing & dyeing fabrics.  If you are not familiar with this website, it is a great resource of information for everything sewing related!  Well off to drink some coffee so I can stay awake for the chat 🙂http://sewing.patternreview.com/news?s=1113807

Hello world!

Happy New Year to all my family, friends and fans.  I keep promising to start a new blog for all those who continue to send me emails asking for fashion tips and help in solving their sewing blunders.  I kept fighting with the idea to separate the fashion from the sewing, but they are so interrelated … seriously it has taken 3 years to get one blog going, can you imagine me trying to have 2 of them!  So here it is … “Fashion Friday’s and Sewing Saturday’s”!  Every week I will give a few fashion tips and a new sewing idea or project.  At the same time, I hope to help some of you get inspired to sew your own fashionable clothes.  You can also feel free to email me your fashion and sewing questions or issues, I will feature a few of you each week in this blog.  I hope you all will enjoy this as much as I will.

in my studio
in my studio