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Vote for me for Craftsy's blogger awards!I woke up this morning to an email that made me very happy and I have YOU to thank 🙂  Just so you know, you made my day!!!!!  In case you missed it, Craftsy is holding their 2013 blogging awards.  Round one of voting is finished and your votes placed my blog into the finals in the category of Sewing – Best Craftsy Instructor Blog.  There are only 4 of us and now another round of voting continues until October 29th – Of course I am hoping you will vote again 🙂

First, let me tell you how encouraging this was to hear.  Writing a blog and posting video tutorials does take up quite a bit of time, but I personally do so in order to  encourage you to sew.  Not only sew, but to sew clothes and sew clothes that look like they walked out of a boutique with a high price tag.  I have been sewing my own clothes for over 20 years (that just gives me a reason to buy more shoes and handbags LOL) and I love sharing what I have learned with you.

So what happens now?  There is a final round of voting that will end on October 29th and Craftsy is offering a free class to one of the lucky voters.  For me, I already feel like a winner.  As a special thank you for the support you have already shown and encouragement for you to vote again during these final weeks (bribery never hurts right :)) I am going to offer a few giveaways. Angela Wolf Bootcut Jean

Recently I offered a free Crafty class to my new Sewing Designer Jeans class that will launch later this month and a huge CONGRATULATIONS to the winner Marie C..  Well, the class doesn’t include a pattern.  Why?  Because maybe you copied your favorite pair in Kenneth D. Kings class or you already have a favorite jean pattern from my friend Jennifer Stern or you like the range of sizes in Jalie … just to name a few of my favorite reasons.  During the class, I will be using my  Angel Bootcut Jean pattern (my current pattern includes misses sizes 0 – 16 and I am diligently working on the women’s sizes 16W – 24W) and I even show you how to alter the pattern for a higher or lower waist (amongst other fitting issues).  So, it only seems appropriate to giveaway one of my jean patterns.  How can you win?  Pretty simple – let me know why you want to sew my jean pattern and please vote in the final round on Craftsy (remember you can win a free class on Craftsy just for voting).  Afraid of sewing jeans – no worries, it’s really easy.  Remember back when I showed you videos on how to sew pockets.  There are lots more, just scroll through my posts about sewing jeans.  I will announce the winner of jeans pattern on Monday and I will announce another “thank you” giveaway tomorrow.

Again, THANK YOU so much for making my day today 🙂  xoxo Angela

Angela Wolf patterns 2013 -209

Sewing a Zipper with the Laser Vision Guide with Brother Dreamweaver

season 5 It's Sew Easy TVHope you are all enjoying February, I can hardly believe it’s almost over! I spent last week taping season 5 for It’s Sew Easy TV, despite the cold and snow – we had a successful week. Here is one of my favorite photo’s on set with June Mellinger (Brother) and Christopher Straub (Project Runway). I have to say, he is one talented designer! He even left an autographed handbag for Katie, my ninth grade apprentice. She absolutely adores him and I can’t wait to see her face when she opens her gift 🙂  By the way, that handbag in the photo is fabric he designed.  I foresee an order with spoonflower soon.

laser light on zipper brother

I have been busy working on some custom garments and my new collection, which I will be sharing over the next few weeks, including launching some new patterns. First, I have to share one of my last gown dilemma’s.  The fabric was gorgeous, but challenging to work with … slipper, shiny, textured, get the idea? I was having a heck of a time inserting the back zipper. I couldn’t use a hidden zipper, as I could not find a color to matched the fabric. The problem occurred when I was topstitching around the zipper. I hand basted in the zipper, marked the center back seam with chalk (that was also basted closed), and marked the stitch line with chalk.  The fabric really presented a challenge with the texture. Being a total perfectionist, I ripped the topstitching out twice because it just was not straight enough. Then I remembered the Laser Vision Guide on my Brother Dreamweaver XE VM6200D.  This worked like a charm!  I was able to line up the laser light with center back seam and topstitch perfectly straight, all the way around the zipper.  I won’t forget about that handy tool next time.  Here is the short video I put together if you want to see more details.  Now, back to the cutting table.  Enjoy 🙂  xoxo Angela

Brother™ has provided me with the DreamWeaver XE, but all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

How to sew topstitching that looks professional on jeans and jackets …

I hope you are all safe from hurricane Sandy and my heart goes out to all those affected.  We even experienced severe weather here in Michigan!   I made it to the beach yesterday and after getting stuck in the sand with our SUV, I was able to snap a few shots.  Unbelievable waves on Lake Michigan, over 20 footers.  I think I’ll pass on fishing for a few days 🙂

Lake Michigan during hurricane Sandy …over 20 foot seas!

Now onto sewing …. more specifically topstitching.  Topstitching jackets and jeans are not only a designer touch; this has become a main focus in today’s fashion.  The more creative the topstitching the more expensive your garment looks.  On that note, have you ever finished a great looking jacket only  to discover  you can’t find a matching color in the thick topstitching thread?  Would you like to hem your favorite jeans – again not being able to match the original jean thread color.  This video shows you an easy way to solve that problem, using two spools of Coats & Clark polyester thread and a #14 denim jean needle.  You will even get a peek at the automatic needle threader on the Brother Dreamweaver XE, yes it even works with 2 threads!  Enjoy 🙂

Brother™ has provided me with the DreamWeaver XE, but all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

A closet full of clothes with nothing to wear!

 A closet full of clothes with nothing to wear!
Do you find yourself scouring thru your many pieces of clothing, but end up wearing the same outfits over and over?   This morning I tried on 20 tops, threw them all in a pile and grabbed one of the same 15 tops I wear everyday – sound familiar?  I try to clean out my closets twice a year and today I realized I am well over due.   If you have closets overflowing and nothing to wear, these tips are for you.  Put some good music on and pour a glass of wine and you are ready to tackle this dreaded chore …
check the fit & color

Start with your dresser – empty every drawer on the floor in a huge pile

  • If you have any of your everyday favorites in there – fold them and place them in one of the drawers (I have a whole drawer with all my favorites). 
  • Try everything else on and check the fit and the color with your skin tone
  • Make 2 piles:
    • Pile 1 – the giveaway pile
      • items that you haven’t worn in years
      • items that the color just doesn’t look good on you (if you wear something and everyone asks you if you are feeling ok – pretty good sign you are wearing the wrong color)
    • Pile 2 – items you just can’t part with or they don’t fit correctly
      • With a minor alteration the item will fit
      • Items that you really like, just don’t have anything to match
      • Some of your older favorites that with a little dye in a pot could be refreshed
      • Anything with holes, missing buttons, broken zippers, …
    • Back in the dresser
      • Everything that fits perfectly and you know you will wear it!

Now if you have enough motivation move on to the closets … be honest when you try on all those pants.  Seriously, I have way too many black pants – most of them are too big or too small somewhere or other,  every time I wear black pants I grab one of my favorite 3 pairs.  If you really like the style, but they don’t fit … they go in PILE 2.  If you haven’t worn them in years really consider PILE 1 – departure!  

Once you are finished, take PILE 1 and put all those clothes in a garbage bag – I usually leave this bag in the garage or extra bedroom for about a year – Just in case I wake up in the middle of the night dreaming of that not so fabulous top that I just can’t part from LOL!

Now PILE 2 – divide up into more piles and, by the way, this pile can start very large.  For the items you really like, but don’t have anything to wear it with – those go in one pile, or hang them in a separate section of the closet.  I usually leave a few of these in the car for when I go shopping.  Now for the items that are really looking worn, but you love them for some reason or other – consider dyeing them.  I have revamped so many of my old favorite sweaters – a pot on the stove with some dye and you are ready to go.  Now on to the items that don’t fit … make an appointment with a seamstress and get them altered or be very daring and alter them yourself 🙂

That’s it!  Now every morning you know that anything you might grab will fit, look great on you, and match something in your closet!  if you make the clothing removal I usually do, you will also have plenty of room to go shopping … don’t forget to check out www.AngelaWolf.com for some great spring tops 🙂


Hello world!

Happy New Year to all my family, friends and fans.  I keep promising to start a new blog for all those who continue to send me emails asking for fashion tips and help in solving their sewing blunders.  I kept fighting with the idea to separate the fashion from the sewing, but they are so interrelated … seriously it has taken 3 years to get one blog going, can you imagine me trying to have 2 of them!  So here it is … “Fashion Friday’s and Sewing Saturday’s”!  Every week I will give a few fashion tips and a new sewing idea or project.  At the same time, I hope to help some of you get inspired to sew your own fashionable clothes.  You can also feel free to email me your fashion and sewing questions or issues, I will feature a few of you each week in this blog.  I hope you all will enjoy this as much as I will.

in my studio
in my studio