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Online Fashion, Fitting, & Sewing Classes!

Angela Wolf Tailoring 2Can’t make it to a live event?  No problem, join me online!  I offer in-depth classes that teach everything from fitting, sewing techniques, sew-a-longs, and so much more.  My classes are featured in both and  Once enrolled in an online class, the information will always be there for you to access and even better, I am there on the class boards to answer your questions!  Every class offers an opportunity for you to meet fellow sewer’s from all over the world, share photos of your projects, and comments on each others posts.  Join me today!

Sew Confident: Essential Techniques for Beginners!

Add to your bank of basic sewing skills so you can conquer more complex projects with confidence! Join me to build the bridge of5062_STILL_044_retouched essential techniques that will take you beyond beginner sewing. During class, you will learn how to work with patterns, choose fabrics and achieve perfect seams with consistency.  Once you’re seaming with success, I will guide you step by step through some fabulous finishing techniques that will keep your projects from fraying, and show you how to use under-stitching, topstitching, and stay-stitching for extra polish. You’ll even find out how to shape your projects for a flattering fit, add beautiful buttons and confidentially install invisible zippers!

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Learn to Alter Ready-to-Wear for a Perfect Fit with a 3-Part Series of Classes.

Whether you wantTRTW_04 to learn to alter for yourself or thinking of making money sewing for others, these classes are for you!  The advanced classes even include help with pricing:

Part 1.  Tailoring Ready-to-Wear

tailoring ready to wear

Ready-to-Wear shouldn’t be “ready-to-swear”.  TRTW_02Learn to make your own alterations to store bought clothing including marking, shortening and lengthening hems, altering waistbands, replacing zippers, tapering tops, hemming jeans while keeping the original designer hem, altering sleeves on a lined jacket, and much more.

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Part 2. Tailoring Ready-to-Wear: Beyond the Basics

Tailoring RTW Beyond the Basics

This class offers more advanced techniques than part 1, including some pricing ideas for the business minded.  Learn to alter pants, make flattering adjustments to the behind and taper legs for a look you will love. Learn to let out and extend waistbands and discover fixes for uneven hips. Master dress alterations for a petite waist and demystify hemming from the waist. Diagnose and fix a zipper that is bowing in the back, replace a zipper in the front fly and adjust a hidden zipper in the side seam.  Plus hem cuffs for both women’s and men’s shirts with confidence. Learn the tailoring skills you need to perfect the fit of your entire wardrobe.

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Part 3. Tailoring Ready-to-Wear: The Jacket

Upgrade ready-to-wear and home-sewn jackets with fitting lessons.  Discover the secrets of ready-to-wear jacket construction as you go inside the seams and find out how to tell whether or not a jacket can be altered. Use the petite adjustments to remove side-seam wrinkles. Raise shoulders for a perfect seam placement and jacket sleeves for a better fit through the arms. Take in side seams, center-back and princess seams for a better fit and slenderizing look. Hem lined jackets from the bottom for the length you want.578_Marketing_Still_124 Plus, hem sleeves from the shoulder to preserve buttonholes or embroidery decorations. Get comfortable identifying fit issues and tailoring jackets to look and feel custom made.

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Sewing Designer Jeans

Allow me to guide you though every step of sewing custom jeans with all the details of expensive designer pairs. Learn to remedy common fitting issues as you personalize a commercial pattern to complement your figure, and alter the rise and leg styles to create the look you long for.  This class goes through all the construction from beginning to end, including adding details like different pocket options, topstitching effects, rivets, bling, and more. You will also master constructing pockets with French seams, sewing professional fly fronts with ease, adding a comfortable contour waistband, distressing and finishing everything flawlessly.

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Angela Wolf Sewing Designer Jeans



Creative Serging Beyond the Basics

creative serging angela wolf

Explore clever finishing and decorative techniques for woven and knit fabric like blind hems, coverstitches and lettuce edges, and learn to navigate curves and corners without thread bulk. Let me CSAW_04show you how to adjust your machine settings to create perfect results when creating piping or gathering, sewing flatlock and overlock stitches, and inserting separating zippers and elastic. Add inspired touches and professional finish to your garments and home decor.

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Sew with Your Serger: Quick and Easy Projects

4900_00_Headshots_81_retouchedUse luxurious fabric and your serger to easily create stylish projects. Learn to handle sumptuous silks as you use your serger to sew gorgeous infinity, bias, and pieces scarves. Add interest to taffeta, silk dupioni and linen with serger pintucks and gathers. Then, use4900---Quick-Serger-Projects-42_retouched your embellished fabric to make elegant, decorative pillow with quick and clean closures. Sew up beautiful bags from silk charmeuse as you learn to apply contrasting linings, install exposed metal zippers and add contrast with custom piping – all in a few streamlined steps on one machine. 4900---Quick-Serger-Projects-21_retouchedCreate a super-cute faux suede clutch featuring a boxed bottom and lining with enclosed seams. Transform embellished fabric into a fold-over clutch with a designer touch. Plus, dress up your bags with jump rings, charms, chains, and more. Create quick serger projects and tap into the versatility of your machine.

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 Sewing Jacket Series on


Create a Jacket Muslin

The first step in sewing a designer jacket is fit.  Learn how to sew and fit a jacket muslin.  You can even post photos of your muslin for personal fitting suggestions!   Click here to join me!

Beginners Guide to Sewing Jackets

(use any pattern)    Click here to join me!

Sew a Designer Unlined Jacket

Learn how to make the inside of an unlined jacket look as good as the outside.  Click here to join me!

Contemporary Couture Jacket

Sew the ultimate couture jacket using my favorite technique of all – quilted lining.  Click here to join me!

Restyling with Exposed Zippers

Get ready for a really fun class, add exposed zippers to any garment.  Click here to join me!

Beginners Guide to Hand-Dyeing Fabrics

Learn to dye fabrics, just like my many colorful tops and linings.     Click here to join me!


Altering Ready-to-Wear Jackets

Get those expensive Ready To Wear Jackets to fit you! This class has  PDF files and a few short videos to focus on altering jackets that you’ve already purchased or sewn.  Click here to join me!

  • Tapering a lined Jacket
    • Learn to alter the back seams, side seams and under bust adjustments for a tapered fit.
  • Learn how to adjust a jacket that puckers under the sleeve and into the bust area.
  • Learn the proper way to raise the shoulders.
  • Learn to taper a 2-pieced sleeve.
  • Hem a lined jacket
  • Hem the sleeves on a lined jacket.
    • Hem with a vent.
    • Hem with simple attached lining.

Bonus: Post pictures of your own jacket for personal fitting advice and solutions. Click here to join me!


pantsalterations_200Altering Pants

Finally, an alterations class you’ve been waiting for! Learn to alter your own pants pattern or your favorite RTW pants for a perfect fit!  This class has all PDF files, no video.  Click here to join me!

The “Saggy Butt” … You will be taught how to alter to resolve the problem of a crotch seam that is too low as well as making adjustments for a flat derriere.

The Gaping Waistband … A gaping waistband is a very common problem when purchasing pants. You can’t go down a size because the hips fit great, what do you do? This lesson will not only teach you how mark your waistband correctly, you will learn a few different options on how to alter you own pants.

Tapering Pant legs … Alteration #1: Do you ever have a problem in the hip area of your pants where there is way too much fabric? I call this “elephant ears”. Just hold the fabric out and you will see the image I am talking about. This fitting issue is common in women with smaller hips or an athletic build. Alteration #2: Learn to taper the legs on your pants in order change the look of your straight leg to a boot leg or skinny bell bottoms. Alteration #3: Want to look 5 pounds skinnier in your pants? See before and after pictures and learn how to make this simple alteration to your pant legs.

Hemming … Learn the proper lengths for a hem as well as a few trick to the trade on sewing a professional hem.

Bow Legs … The alterations is geared to sewing from a pattern, learn a simple alteration that will camouflage bow legs.

Bonus: Upload photos of your muslin for personal fitting advice. Click here to join me!

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