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Angela Wolf Tailoring Jackets
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Angela Wolf Sewing Designer Jeans
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Sewing Jacket Series on

The first step in sewing a designer jacket is fit.  Learn how to sew and fit a jacket muslin.  You can even post photos of your muslin for personal fitting suggestions!   Click here to join me!

Beginners guide to get started sewing a jacket! (use any pattern)    Click here to join me!

Sew a designer unlined jacket.  Learn how to make the inside of an unlined jacket look as good as the outside.  Click here to join me!

Sew the ultimate couture jacket using my favorite technique of all – quilted lining.  Click here to join me!

Get ready for a really fun class, add exposed zippers to any garment.  Click here to join me!

Learn to dye fabrics, just like my many colorful tops and linings.     Click here to join me!



Altering RTW Jackets!  Get those expensive Ready To Wear Jackets to fit you! This class has  PDF files and a few short videos to focus on altering jackets that you’ve already purchased or sewn.  Click here to join me!

  • Tapering a lined Jacket
    • Learn to alter the back seams, side seams and under bust adjustments for a tapered fit.
  • Learn how to adjust a jacket that puckers under the sleeve and into the bust area.
  • Learn the proper way to raise the shoulders.
  • Learn to taper a 2-pieced sleeve.
  • Hem a lined jacket
  • Hem the sleeves on a lined jacket.
    • Hem with a vent.
    • Hem with simple attached lining.

Bonus: Post pictures of your own jacket for personal fitting advice and solutions. Click here to join me!


Finally, an alterations class you’ve been waiting for! Learn to alter your own pants pattern or your favorite RTW pants for a perfect fit!  This class has all PDF files, no video.  Click here to join me!

The “Saggy Butt” … You will be taught how to alter to resolve the problem of a crotch seam that is too low as well as making adjustments for a flat derriere.

The Gaping Waistband … A gaping waistband is a very common problem when purchasing pants. You can’t go down a size because the hips fit great, what do you do? This lesson will not only teach you how mark your waistband correctly, you will learn a few different options on how to alter you own pants.

Tapering Pant legs … Alteration #1: Do you ever have a problem in the hip area of your pants where there is way too much fabric? I call this “elephant ears”. Just hold the fabric out and you will see the image I am talking about. This fitting issue is common in women with smaller hips or an athletic build. Alteration #2: Learn to taper the legs on your pants in order change the look of your straight leg to a boot leg or skinny bell bottoms. Alteration #3: Want to look 5 pounds skinnier in your pants? See before and after pictures and learn how to make this simple alteration to your pant legs.

Hemming … Learn the proper lengths for a hem as well as a few trick to the trade on sewing a professional hem.

Bow Legs … The alterations is geared to sewing from a pattern, learn a simple alteration that will camouflage bow legs.

Bonus: Upload photos of your muslin for personal fitting advice. Click here to join me!

41 thoughts on “Events & Classes”

  1. Hi Angela i adore your seamless they are very beautiful and of good quality,i would like to buy some of your patterns,would you please mind sending me your details….!!!!


    1. Hi Rauna,
      The patterns launch June 1st, I will be posting the patterns available before then and I will send you a link. Thanks so much for your kind comments 🙂


  2. Hi Angela, I have written to you on the Pattern Review site but just wanted to pose additional questions and hope you will be able to help me. In the contemporary quilted jacket course which you state commences in August, do you also cover all the other topics covered in the tweed jacket course? I am in a bind as I didn’t really want to quilt my lining but I feel it will look more professional (I read your comment too where you said you love to do this….I just hate the look of hand stitches & I feel there will be plenty using this method). Also, I want to underline all my jacket pieces with silk organza instead of using interfacing – have you ever used this technique for a boucle fabric? I have spent a small fortune on my fabric and want to ensure I am making the right decision and need your expert advice. I know that doing one of your courses will be most beneficial, I’m just undecided on which one…
    Thanks again for your help with my concerns….
    Kind regards


    1. Hi Lexley,
      I think you would like the tailoring class that will be offered in the fall. The tweed jacket covers sewing a tweed jacket with fusible interfacing, sewing in lining, hemming sleeves, fun fringe trim, etc.
      The contemporary quilted jacket covers the couture jacket similar to the traditional Chanel style, but with a modern twist. There is handstitching involved, but most of it you can’t see – edging on the jacket, lining, trim.
      The tailored jacket covers pad stitching, underlining with cotton or organza, using stay tape for stability, steam pressing to shape collars and sleeve heads, etc. I think sounds more like what you are looking for.
      Did you add you name to this mailing list? I will be adding designer pocket ideas this summer and a few other jacket ideas.
      Hope that helped 🙂


  3. would love to know if there is a pattern for the turquoise blue jersey you have on in the hem video I have horrible arms but the slits in this would give me the comfort level to show at least part of my arms.


    1. Hi Margaret,
      I will have that pattern later this year. I just launched the first pattern and many more to follow 🙂 I will send you a link when that one is up.


      1. I am not Kelly…… I am Margaret and this is my question not Kelly’s not sure what happened maybe Kelly got the answer to my question?!?!? LOL

        Would still like and answer about the Turquoise Blue Jersy………    🙂


  4. Hello Angela. I have a question regarding your Perfect fitting jeans workshop at the American Sewing Expo in Novi, MI this month. What is your email address??


  5. Hi Angela,
    I am trying to find your class on dyeing fabric. I looked on PatternReview but can’t find it. Is there somewhere else I can get it?


  6. Angela when will you post your schedule for 2012? I am interested in travelling to Chicago to take a weekend workshop on making jeans! I am crossing my fingers that you have one planned for 2012.

    Edmonton, AB


  7. Hi Angela, it was truly a pleasure to meet you Saturday at the HCC. I wanted to know more about your books? Specifically, about establishing the business where can I find that one?


    1. Hi Sheril,
      It was so great meeting everyone, what a great group! My book “how to start a home based fashion design business” will be published and available on December 4th. I am going to contact Vogue fabrics about hosting a book signing event and the book will be available on Amazon and Barns & Nobles.


  8. Angela,
    I just love your segments on its sew easy tv. I really want to learn how to make my own jeans and have purchased your pattern for the bootcut jeans. My question lies mainly with the size. I usually wear a size 6 and sometimes an 8 in ready to wear. However, your pattern size measurements show me at a size 10 to 14! yikes. I tried your link on fitting, but there isnt anything there. 😦 Can you give me some quick insight regarding measurements and whether or not I should, as a fairly beginner garment sewist, tackle jeans. I live in jeans and would like to learn :).
    Thank you so much!


      1. Hi Angela,
        Hope all is going well with your video shooting :), I know its probably alot of work. I am finally starting my jeans, with creating a muslin. I recall you emailed me when ordering my jeans and said to let you know when I was ready for some fitting assistance and you would email me back with a way to access you online fitting. I was wondering if you have that up and running. My main question is…do I jave to sew the yoke, waistband and facing along with the main pant sections for the muslin? I know it sounds like a silly/obvious question :/ Thanks much… and take care!


  9. Not yet, I just got my fabric for the muslin and need to cut out my pattern pieces. I have a couple projects in line first but hope to start this coming weekend. Thanks for asking…I will keep you posted as I may need some fitting help :).


  10. Yes pair two is done! My mom actually stole my first pair and is wearing with bragging rights! I actually just made a 3rd pair by copying a pair of RTW…I am hooked. Love making jeans thanks to your inspiration!


  11. I recently attended a fashion show at the the Sewing Expo in Atlanta, GA this past weekend and I saw the most beautiful trench coat. I was told it was your trench coat, pattern # AW5021, which I was unable to locate and was hoping that you might be able to help me. The coat is truly beautiful and I would love to make it. Could you please could contact me regarding the pattern. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance for your help.


    1. Hi Roxanne,
      I know I sent you an email, but wanted to mention it here for those following. That was the Butler Trench and will be out this summer as a pattern. You can find 2 other versions of that jacket on our facebook page.


      1. Thank you much for that information. I don’t have facebook so I will happily wait for the pattern. In the meantime, I may try and get an account.


  12. Hi Angela
    Loved your serger video on Craftsy, and even found a great deal on a Babylock Evolution on Ebay, so using all your tips and tricks. Then after reading your review on the Dreamweaver I found a Ellisimo on Clist so have an awesome duo in Le Sewing Room! Now finally ordered your jeans and awesome ruched top patterns, my ? is I am following your technique for the ruching but the bobbin thread seams a little prone to breaking as I am gathering it. Any suggestions? different thread or L&W of stitch?
    Thanks so much I am such a great fan of yours a girl after my own heart with the sewing and fishing!
    Ronda in Bend, Oregon


    1. Hi Ronda,
      Thanks for the note and support 🙂 Are you using a long straight basting stitch, like 5.0?
      Also, gently pull the bobbin thread, not the top thread, it works better.
      Otherwise you could use a stronger cotton thread, I use cotton most of the time only because then the thread will dye the same color as the fabric (I dye my tops after sewing). Let me know if that works. Cheers, Angela


  13. Do you ever do ASG events? I am the events person for Indianapolis Chapter. We exploring for next year. I was just thinking it might be a possibility.




  15. Angela, I have just made the muslin for your Angel jeans pattern. I also took your class on designer jeans on Craftsy, I really enjoyed that class!. I live in the UK and am frustrated that some of the tools that you talk about and demonstrate, are just not available over here. I am particularly interested in the button hole cutter set and sleeve board, I have a clapper and point turner but wondered if you know of a supplier that ships to the Uk?


  16. Hi Angela,
    I need to purchase a dress form. Do you have any recommendations. I only see a few where I live, like Joann’s etc. Are there any other site i can visit. I want one that will be reliable. This will be my first time selection and I dont want to waste time sending it back if it is not reliable.
    Your comments are appreciated.


  17. I am a aspiring designer, and while apparel is not my main focus,(my passion is designing leather handbags and accessories) I do love pattern drafting and adding style lines to give a boring pattern more interest and a flattering look. Love watching you on “it’s sew easy”.


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