Enter to Win my new Craftsy Class & Fashion Sewing for Beginners!


  New Craftsy Class Giveaway! 

click here to enter

Banner 300x250(Contest closes at midnight Central time on Monday, April 6, 2015 and Craftsy will randomly draw one lucky winner which will be notified on April 7th – Good Luck!)

Sewing Tip of the Day! 


NEVER use a dull seam ripper!!!!!  I buy my seam rippers in bulk from WAWAK Sewing and you should too 🙂  Then you can throw them away at the first sign of dullness and grab a new one.

Seam Rippers from WAWAK.com


 Have a Specific Sewing Need or Question?

Are there any sewing tips, advice, tutorials you would like me to show, or a question you would like me to be read live on Fashion Sewing with Angela Wolf.  Simply fill out the contact form below, leave a comment below, or send a private message on Facebook.  I would love to hear from you! 🙂

Thanks for joining me and have a Blessed Easter!


Angela Wolf

6 thoughts on “Enter to Win my new Craftsy Class & Fashion Sewing for Beginners!”

  1. Hi Angela, I wasn’t able to get the contest to open on the email. Can you send it another way? Happy Easter, Kathy



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