Introduction to WAWAK SEWING!

WAW_114_15_BANNER_JPGSome of you have asked about one of the generous sponsors of the Wardrobe Challenge and seeing my smiling face in the emails has peaked curiosity. I am thrilled to introduce you to WAWAK SEWING and yes, I am working closely with them on many new projects. WAWAK SEWING is an online resource for everything you need in your sewing and design room! Believe it or not, I have been buying from them since 1994, when I started my custom apparel business. I eventually expanded my business to include alterations and my two main sources for supplies became WAWAK SEWING and Atlanta Thread & Supply. I know a few of you were heart-broken when Atlanta Thread and Supply closed it’s doors. What you might not have realized is WAWAK acquired Atlanta Thread & Supply, now you only have to go one place for all the same supplies and WAWAK_SEWINGthe prices are still the best.
One of my missions with teaching sewing, alterations, and fashion design is to inspire people to sew. I will be working with WAWAK to supply you with sewing tips and even bring to attention some tools of the trade you might not be familiar with; yet will make your sewing life sew so much easier! You might have seen this on Pinterest, but I am giving you a glimpse of what’s coming … Sewing with Angela Wolf.  Make sure you sign up for WAWAK’s emails and monthly catalog, the sales are incredible and they offer free shipping on orders over $100. Actually, I have been scanning a few chat rooms and there was talk about a free cookie with their order. I had to check the facts on that, as I have not received mine yet 🙂 . In fact, they DO send a cookie with the first order over $75 (since my first order was 20 years ago I will give them a pass LOL). It’s like staying at the Hilton, order from the comfort of your home and the package arrives in a few days with a hot cookie!  Ok, probably not a hot cookie, but you get the idea.
For those of you enjoying the wardrobe challenge and you HAPPEN to be on facebook and twitter, if you have a second why not send WAWAK SEWING a quick comment thanking them for sponsoring my contest.  Although, I do think we should have another contest to see who can pronounce the name correctly LOL!
Do you have any sewing questions or tutorials you want me to consider for the new tutorials?



BTW how’s the ruching and shirring coming along?

12 thoughts on “Introduction to WAWAK SEWING!”

  1. Angela,
    Please consider a seam allowance ruler. There was a seller on Etsy, but she has closed shop. It was a curved ruler that allowed you to move the ruler around the garment and it came is 3/8″ and 5/8″ widths. I know people who have them and they love, love, love them.

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  2. I love WAWAK. I have an alterations business and am so glad I discovered them. I compare their prices with others all the time – Joann’s (even with a coupon), Amazon,-
    no one can beat them. All items are great quality also. I just ordered the Uniquely Yours dressform from them and can’t wait to get it. One more thing – if they make a mistake with your order (doesn’t happen much) then you get the corrected items with a COOKIE!


  3. Some of my sewing friends and I have wondered how to pronounce WAWAK. Some say wowok and I say waywak. Which is correct?


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