Angela Wolf’s 2014 Wardrobe Challenge

January 2014 Wardrobe Challenge with Angela Wolf

Angela Wolf’s Wardrobe Challenge of 2014

I told you I had something in store for you, well here it is!  The inspiration for this challenge came when I changed my closets over from summer to fall.  I stepped back to admire the organized closet and realized I had made almost every outfit!  Wearing all my own designs has been a desire of mine from the time I started my custom apparel business in 1994, yet time has a tendency to hinder any quick results.  I blogged about my excitement with my closet of home sewn garments and received an instant response from many readers.  It turns out, many of you have this same goal of sewing all their own clothes, yet again time seems to be the crutch in achieving this goal.  Thus the idea of the wardrobe challenge came about.

The goal of the Angela Wolf Wardrobe Challenge is to inspire, mentor, and challenge you to fill their closets with your own home-sewn and re-styled garments … one garment at a time!

The challenge will start with planning a coordinating wardrobe (I can’t tell you how many jackets I have sewn and never worn, simply because they don’t match anything). Each month there will be a new theme with a certain garment to challenge you to sew.  Participate in 1 month, all 12 months, and/or just focus on a killer wardrobe for the overall challenge!  I will share more details soon, but I want you to get started on January’s challenge.  The details of the challenge are listed above and will take place on Pinterest.  Not on pinterest, no worries, email me at and I will invite you.

January’s Challenge focuses on creating story board!  Pin anything you like that will inspire you to start adding to your wardrobe.  Fabric, Colors, Sewing Tips, basically anything that inspires you.

1 year … 13 challenges … GET INSPIRED TO SEW!!!!!

Are you up for the challenge?    Good Luck!

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20 thoughts on “Angela Wolf’s 2014 Wardrobe Challenge”

  1. Perfect! I spent my Christmas break reading blogs on how to minimize and create a cohesive wardrobe, so I can’t wait to get started! I, too, have many items in my closet I’ve sewn and never worn because I haven’t taken the time to make coordinating pieces! Thanks!


  2. I’m totally cheating and adding a couple wip’s from last year! My french jacket and jeans I’ve cut for my daughter. (Loved your jean course on Craftsy!) I really need the motivation to sew for work. Maybe this will be a boost.


    1. Hi Sharon, you can repin from their pinterest board or go to their website and pin from there. Anything they have will work. I have links to all their sites on the blog. Let me know if you need more help on that.


  3. I think it is great to start with a simple task. I really enjoyed taking the time to look at all that is available from your sponsors that I might not have known was there.


  4. This has been really fun pulling together things that inspire me, as well as looking at what inspires others. I’ve realized where my wardrobe has deficits, and where I have an abundance. Thanks for the challenge. Can’t wait to start sewing new wardrobe items for the year’s challenge. Thank you sponsors & thank you Angela.


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