Sewing Your Own Wardrobe and ONLINE CLASS SALE on!

Angela Wolf Pattern Collection Butler TrenchThere is only one reason I have not moved South in order to enjoy beautiful sunny weather all year round … jackets and boots!  This is the time of year I rearrange my wardrobe, bringing out all the cute jackets I finished last March and never had a chance to wear (remember in the fashion industry we are always designing a season ahead).   Of course while I am pulling out the fall wardrobe, out come the fabulous boots.  I LOVE shoes!   I sew all my own clothes, I have to find something to shop for besides fabric 🙂

Speaking of sewing all my own clothes, about 15 years ago I set a goal of only wearing clothes I had sewn myself.  It was a great idea, but hardly possible.  I spent all my time sewing custom garments for clients and I could never find time to sew for myself.  You know, like the shoemaker that wears worn-out shoes.  Those of you that are in the sewing business know exactly what I am talking about.

Once I started designing a ready-to-wear line and a pattern collection for the home sewer, I found a perfect reason to sew for myself.  Someone has to test the fit, right 🙂  Over the last few years I have been adding my label to the closet with jeans, tops, jackets, dresses, skirts, slacks,  … In fact last night after admiring my organized closet (now is the time to admire, it never seems to stay that way very long), I realized I finally accomplished my goal!  Every garment carried the Angela Wolf label.  I could hardly believe it!  In fact, once you get going on sewing for yourself, the outfits flow in much faster than you think.  Have you ever had the desire to sew all your own clothes?  I challenge you to try.  I am going to celebrate this accomplishment and try to focus on doing the same for the spring wardrobe swap.  I feel a 2014 wardrobe sew along coming on … what do you think?
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In the last post, I mentioned how thankful I am to all of you readers and a special thanks to those that voted my blog into the finals for the category sewing – best instructor blog for the 2013 Craftsy Blogging Awards.  Voting in the final round is still going on, so make sure to vote for your favorites again  (hint, hint).   I couldn’t think of a better way to thank you than give away a few online classes, which I will do over the next few weeks.


Not everyone can win, so I asked my friend Deepika – founder of – to place all my online classes on sale for the rest of the month.  In case you haven’t visited the site, is a great website for learning and connecting with other garment sewer’s.  I offer quite a few classes there, including sewing jackets.  No, my jacket patterns are not ready to launch yet, so this is the next best thing.  The next few giveaways will be for my online classes.  The first one is Create a Jacket Muslin on PatternReview.  Creating a perfect fitting muslin is the most important part of sewing a jacket.   If you would like a chance to join my class on sewing a muslin where I offer fitting tips, solutions, and you can even upload photos of your muslin for personal fitting advice, simply share a comment about your experience in fitting jackets.  Never sewn a jacket, even better reason to start with the muslin class (a random winner will be chosen and announced next Friday).  Speaking of jackets, have you been watching season 5 on It’s Sew Easy and following along as I sew a jacket?  If your PBS doesn’t carry It’s Sew Easy, you can catch a new episode every week on their website.

Good Luck 😉


Angela Wolf

22 thoughts on “Sewing Your Own Wardrobe and ONLINE CLASS SALE on!”

  1. I have never sewn a jacket but I have been researching how to do it. I hope all of the research comes in handy when I start.


  2. Congratulations, Angela! I love you way of sewing!
    I also think a 2014 wardrobe sew along is a fantastic idea. I’m in!
    If I could only get a good fitting jean pattern, I’d be all set.


  3. I’ve never sewn a jacket before. I do quilting & bag making, and have recently become very interested in sewing garments… I’ve bought several books on the subject for the beginning garment sewer. Thanks for the chance to win!


  4. Angela, you are so inspiring! Even though I’ve been sewing for years, have never made
    a jacket or a muslin. With you leading the way, I need to jump in and do it!


  5. My goal at the moment is to also sew my own wardrobe! I want to enter the world of sewing and making a living while doing what I love! But I’m always holding myself back because I want to be wearing clothes I made myself as an advertisement of what can be done.

    I’m also at a stage where I’ve got so many choices (fabric, patterns etc) that choosing which one jacket is finally constructed for my wardrobe is proving difficult. I currently live in UAE and plan to move to Australia in the future so I only really need one formal jacket the rest should be informal style to fit in with my lifestyle and I have three jacket patterns I love!

    There are no books on this subject for the home sewist, so I’m putting my journey down on paper (or iPad!) and hope that I can get it into print later. I can’t be the only one needing help coordinating their home sewn wardrobe!!

    Love your Craftsy classes and your blog too. Will look up the Craftsy blogging competition today…you have my vote!


  6. Hi Angela! I love the idea of a 2014 Wardrobe Sew Along. Bring it on!!! Your emails are always so inspiring. Thank you. – Diana

    > >


  7. I love your classes, Angela!! I used to sew most of my own clothes years ago, when I was working….Back then there was no Ross or Target….I lived in Pendleton,Oregon. They had a Fabricland, which was a great fabric store…I wish it was still around..I worked at the Pendleton Woolen Mills and they sold wool for $8 a yard. I had quite a stash!! I also really, really, really love shoes and boots…..Online shoes is a good site. I’m addicted!! I have made a few easy jackets, but I could benefit from the jacket muslin class…I had a straight skirt pattern years ago with a back vent..It had a left side opening with a pocket, no zipper, but the opening closed with a hook at the waistband….It was the perfect skirt pattern and easy to make…I can’t find the pattern now…Would you consider doing a skirt pattern like this?


  8. Angela, your purple coat is just gorgeous! I can see why you want to stay where you can wear coats! I’m going to check out your jacket muslin class. Sounds interesting!


  9. Hi Angela, I have sewn jackets before but have not had much success because I have trouble fitting sleeves. Hope your class goes in depth on fitting sleeves.


  10. I did the Lady Grey Sew-Along with Gertie and it was a wonderful experience. I was extremely happy with how my jacket turned out utilizing couture techniques. I went through several muslin fittings to finally end up with a jacket I was very happy with. Of course this was a winter coat and not a nice suit jacket. I have made suit jackets in the past but it is always nice to learn from someone else who has a vast knowledge with different methods and techniques.


  11. I have started making my garments because I just can’t seem to get ready to wear that actually fits well. I always have to have them altered (when I finish the T-Shirt class on Craftsy I am going to take your Alternations class)! The reason I recently started taking classes on Craftsy is that I have decided to start making my own garments. I am very committed to that goal. If I;m not at home when It’s Sew Easy comes on I always DVR it. Our pbs station changed the day & time in the middle of the series so I missed a couple of episodes, but I love all of the jackets you’ve shown. The earlier series when you were teaching about jeans construction gave me hope that I could finally have jeans that fit like they should! I want to take your jeans course, too. Now that I’m home and not working I have the time (and patience) to take the classes and make some real progress toward my goal.


  12. I have made one suit jacket. Currently have two pieces of wool material to make my first winter jackets! Haven’t started yet because I’m worried about messing up! Would love to win or take your class to help me get started.


  13. I haven’t made a jacket since high school! I sewed a suit for my boyfriend. I would love to do this as I liked your challenge of having everything in your wardrobe made by you! That’s a goal I am going to set for next year.


  14. Hi, Angela. I’m not sure where bto begin, but to say that I usually don’t read any blogs, or respond to anyones, anything. I logged into Craftsy this morning to finish a class, and I always view your classes, and a few others, in hopes of 1 day being able to take more of the classes, at the discounted price. Before discovering Craftsy, I literally only dreamt of being able to take sewing classes, online, using only my cell phone, with unlimited access, at my convienance, and top notch instructors. I laugh at myself, because, I fall asleep, dreaming of making, and wearing my own clothing, and look down at my bare feet. I get so lost, I completely forget about my shoes! I’ve yet to get started, still in the dreaming, and class phase, and hope to be able to finally take a few of yours. By the way, Love the Purple Coat! It looks as if it came from a high end store. The coat, and your blog, truly inspired me this morning to be true to my heart. I’m not sure that you will even get this, I’m not very up to date when it comes to blogs, social networking etc. I’m overcoming, but winning a 13yr health battle, so I Pray, and Promise myself every day, to Honor God in all that I do and say, And to be True to my Heart. And for all the catching up that I have to do in my life, one of the things I want to do the most, is sit back and relax, and make my own clothes, and maybe even my kids, and my grandkids. After all, I have, My Whole Life, Ahead of Me. Sincerely Brenda Lee Allen


    1. Hi Brenda,
      What a beautiful note! Thanks for sharing and I am thrilled to know I have inspired you to sew. People like you are the reason I enjoy teaching and sharing. Notes like yours inspire me, thank you so much!
      Good luck on the wardrobe, but don’t forget your shoes, remember that’s the part we can shop for 🙂
      take care and God Bless,


  15. I’ve tried several jackets and always get ‘stuck’ on the collars. the pivoting and stitiching gets me every time both in shawl collars and notched collars. looking forward to learning how to ‘bag a lining’. do you offer hands-on classes? I’m NW of Chicago in the part of Illinois where everyone quilts but no one seems to apparel sew…………lol


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