Pintucking with a Serger / Overlock Machine

angela wolf serging samples5craftsy blog angela wolfI am having so much fun finding ways to use my serger, more than simply finishing the edges in my garments!  With over 5,000 students in the Craftsy class Creative Serging – Beyond the Basics , many of you are already expanding your serger use.  I was thrilled to see Craftsy posted a few of my videos on YouTube … below you will see how to add pintucking.  A great embellishment on home dec and apparel.  The video shows you how to change the settings on the Brother Project Runway Serger 5234PRW (although it doesn’t show you how to remove the stitch finger, so check your manual and don’t forget that part!)  In fact, no matter what serger you use, pull out the manual and set the serger to a rolled or narrow hem.  I am showing you how to do the pintucking using a blindhem foot.  If you don’t have that foot, a standard foot works fine.  Just serge straight 🙂

Speaking of manuals, lets take a vote … how many of you have read through your entire serger manual?   I must confess, until last year I only scanned the pages referring to threading 🙂  Enjoy xoxo Angela

11 thoughts on “Pintucking with a Serger / Overlock Machine”

  1. Thanks for the reminder that our sergers can do more than just seam knits! This is one “machine class” that I’d like to take, as I *love* pintucks on tailored shirts.


  2. I have a serger manual that’s highlighted and tagged with Post-It Notes. Problem is it’s packed somewhere, I need to access it somehow. But it is incredibly useful, and really user-friendly for my Viking Husqvarna CoverStitch/Serger.


  3. I read my manual twice. I even went through each different set up and surged on a spare cloth, cut it out and put it on a cover sheet with instructions on how to sew that particularly stitch. Trouble is, I was having problems with the machine, sent it to a dealer to fix and they made it worse and even broke two pieces on it. I don’t know what I’m going to do now. I simply love my serger. “can’t sew without it next to me. Oh, woo is me. 😦


  4. It is worthwile to read the post again.I find that I have learned about new feature of the serger .And it help me use the device to do more things that I never try.


  5. I love your Creative Serging class on Craftsy. I never knew that a serger was capable of performing so many different professional finishes! I just ordered the Brother elastic and gathering feet because of your class. I can’t wait to try out new projects with them. Thank you so much!


  6. I watch you all the time on ” Its So Easy” on cable in Illinois. I have a Brother serger for 4 years and can’t seem to be able to thread properly. Do all sergers thread the same? Is there video on the internet or dvd that details the proper way to thread ?


    1. Hi Maureen, Thanks for watching the show! Most of the sergers thread pretty close to the same. I will add this to a new blog for you – give me a few days on that 🙂
      Happy New Year,


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