Elastic Thread Ruching on a Coverstitch plus FREE SERGING CLASS!

Ruching with Elastic Thread on a Serger / Coverstitch Machineelastic ruching chainstitch angela wolf serging overlock6

Loose flowing tops are right on trend right now, here is a quick way to add a little flair and fit with one of my favorite serging techniques; ruching with elastic thread.  Add the ruching to the sleeve edge, hem or neckline. This is so cute and really easy!  This ruching can be done on a sewing machine by winding the elastic thread in the bobbin, threading the machine with any silk, cotton, or polyester thread, and stitch with a narrow zigzag. What about serging with the chainstitch?  The chainstitch is found on coverstitch machines or sergers with the added coverstitch function.

elastic ruching chainstitch angela wolf serging overlock4

SET UP THE SERGER / COVERSTITCH MACHINE    For this sample I am using my  Brother 1034D 3 or 4 Thread Serger with Easy Lay In Threading with Differential Feed
.  Thread the machine like you would for a chainstitch:  use thread in the needle and elastic thread in the looper.  Be patient with the elastic thread, but it will go through the machine just fine 🙂         

Adjust the tension:

  • Loosen the needle tension  (loosen by 2 notches)
  • Tighten the looper tension (start by tightening 1 notch)

When adjusting the tensions, my coverstitch has a standard setting at 4 –  so adjust the tension on your machine accordingly.  Then simply run the edge of the fabric through the serger.  The photo’s below show you the front and back side of the first row of stitching.

Elastic Ruching with a Coverstitch Mahcine

Back side of elastic ruching

elastic ruching chainstitch angela wolf serging overlock3

Put the fabric back in the machine, line up the previous row of stitching with the edge of the presser foot and stitch.

elastic ruching chainstitch angela wolf serging overlock5

elastic ruching chainstitch angela wolf serging overlock6

That it! I usually ruch 2 – 6 rows depending on the design.  Another idea is to ruch the waist on a skirt – the elastic ruching makes a great waistband and then you wear the waist high or low.  I will dig up a photo of my silk bathing suit cover up that is sewn like this.


Speaking of using a coverstitch and overlock machine – I have a class on Craftsy called Creative Serging – Beyond the basics.  I am giving away a FREE CLASS to one lucky reader. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me why you would like to take the free class.  Click over and “‘like” my facebook page and you will get 2 entries.  If you leave a comment on the facebook page you get an extra entry as well (that’s 3 entries total :)).  One name will be drawn randomly on August 1st.  I know many of you are already in my class as we are just under 5,000 students, awesome!  For those of you that are already enjoying the class, leave a comment as to what you like most about the class and I will include you in the next giveaway (trust me, it will be good :))

If you don’t want to wait for the drawing, here is a coupon for big savings on the class.  Good luck!!!!!!   Cheers 🙂  Angela

creative serging angela wolf

26 thoughts on “Elastic Thread Ruching on a Coverstitch plus FREE SERGING CLASS!”

  1. I’d love to win your craftsy class! I have an old serger that I haven’t used much and need a refresher on how to use it.


  2. WHY do I want this? Because my serger is sadly underutilized, and I’m currently doing your tailoring class on Craftsy and am loooooooving it!!


  3. I would love to take this class! I’m always looking for new ways to use my serger! (I already “like” you on Facebook, I took a class from you at the ASE last year & loved it!!)


  4. I need help. I’ve been trying to make friends with my serger for years. Anything I can do to motivate me to use it more would be a plus.


  5. I have not one, but two sergers that just sit & collect dust! I think they are a great idea but I’m not very good at figuring out what to do with them. I’d love to win the serger class to give me the boost that I need!


  6. Angela I added that class the day it came out and have watched 3 times, What I love about the Craftsy platform is the ability to go back to specific lessons and rewatch them! So now we need an advanced Serger/Overlock class, Please, if you can take time off from your fishing adventures….. My husband is fishing and camping with friends off of Salt springs island, hoping they hit a sockeye run!!!!!!


  7. I feel my serger could be used for so many things besides overlocking seams, but I haven’t really had the time to try other things. Winning the Craftsy class would make me focus on improving my skills.!


  8. Love your classes and would enjoy learning more creative serging techniques. My fingers are crossed to win your class!


  9. I have had my overlocker for 25 years and just do the basics and I’d love to learn more. Now I have time I have finished my degree, a class would be perfect… I also have the same cover stitch I bought second hand and haven’t had time to play with it yet!


  10. I did purchase this class and love your teaching skills, you run through everything I have ever wondered about and needed to know. One of my biggest needs was how to ruch with my serger. I have a pair of pants that the waist line goes up to my bra line instead of my waist and needed to lower the waist, having this class answered all those dilemma’s I was needing a answer to. Thank you Angela, you helped me so very much. You help so many build confidence in wanting to try what can and is often intimidating, thank you for teaching this and so much more! 🙂


  11. The destiny of my serger/coverstitch machine appears to be limited to just a way to finish the seam allowance. I would love to learn to make it do new tricks.


  12. I’m finding I have a little more time on my hands now since retiring and would like to get my locked away serger out and make a few things for myself and my new granddaughter. So, I would love to win your Craftsy course.

    p.s. I “like” you on Facebook


  13. I use my overlocker all the time (love it!!) but I’d like to use it even more, especially for “beyond the basic” techniques.


  14. I loved your tailoring ready to wear class. i do alot of alterations for people & it was incredibly informative! you’re also a great teacher 🙂 I’d love to use my overlocker beyond basics because i only use it for basics!!


  15. id love to win the opportunity to do your craftsy class. My serger is very sad, he sits in his custom made table, amidst all the other machines in the studio who all get lots of attention, just waiting for the chance to show what he can do. Most days he watches as the computerised machine shows off his fancy skills, the elderly creaking treadle dispenses wisdom slowly but surely, the featherweight getting packed up for travel to classes and coming back with stories of her adventures in the quilting world, the singer 99k proud of her extreme makeover at the sewing machine spa, able to do things she hasn’t done in years! He desperately wants to use his amazing skills to take his place finally in the busy studio, but his owner needs help to set him free to whizz along!
    Beverley and her sad, desperate, misunderstood serger


  16. Thanks Angela!! That’s just what I needed. I have a peasant top that has this ruching near the sleeve edge. I like it so much that I want to copy it and I was wondering how to do the sleeves. Thanks again, you rock!!!!


  17. Hi Angela, I’d love to win this class as I do know how to sue the basic functions of a serger but don’t know what else I can make with it.

    Just found your blog; off to read up your posts!


  18. Just finishing up the serging basics class from Craftsy and thrilled that my middle aged brain is learning new things! The basics are so thrilling that going beyond the basics


  19. I’d like to take the free class because I have a brother serger and I know that there are various applications that I can use it for, but I’m only using it for simple serging and rolled hems. I’d like to get more from my machine.


  20. Angela this blog entry says “For this sample I am using my Brother 1034D 3 or 4 Thread Serger with Easy Lay In Threading with Differential Feed”
    but the product info says it doesn’t do a chain stitch… how do you thread the Brother 1034D to accomplish chain stitching and this ruching method? Would love to try this.


    1. thanks so much for letting me know! That’s the wrong machine – it’s supposed to be the Brother coverstitch machine. I will find the link and change it – thanks for noticing 🙂


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