Sewing a Zipper with the Laser Vision Guide with Brother Dreamweaver

season 5 It's Sew Easy TVHope you are all enjoying February, I can hardly believe it’s almost over! I spent last week taping season 5 for It’s Sew Easy TV, despite the cold and snow – we had a successful week. Here is one of my favorite photo’s on set with June Mellinger (Brother) and Christopher Straub (Project Runway). I have to say, he is one talented designer! He even left an autographed handbag for Katie, my ninth grade apprentice. She absolutely adores him and I can’t wait to see her face when she opens her gift 🙂  By the way, that handbag in the photo is fabric he designed.  I foresee an order with spoonflower soon.

laser light on zipper brother

I have been busy working on some custom garments and my new collection, which I will be sharing over the next few weeks, including launching some new patterns. First, I have to share one of my last gown dilemma’s.  The fabric was gorgeous, but challenging to work with … slipper, shiny, textured, get the idea? I was having a heck of a time inserting the back zipper. I couldn’t use a hidden zipper, as I could not find a color to matched the fabric. The problem occurred when I was topstitching around the zipper. I hand basted in the zipper, marked the center back seam with chalk (that was also basted closed), and marked the stitch line with chalk.  The fabric really presented a challenge with the texture. Being a total perfectionist, I ripped the topstitching out twice because it just was not straight enough. Then I remembered the Laser Vision Guide on my Brother Dreamweaver XE VM6200D.  This worked like a charm!  I was able to line up the laser light with center back seam and topstitch perfectly straight, all the way around the zipper.  I won’t forget about that handy tool next time.  Here is the short video I put together if you want to see more details.  Now, back to the cutting table.  Enjoy 🙂  xoxo Angela

Brother™ has provided me with the DreamWeaver XE, but all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

8 thoughts on “Sewing a Zipper with the Laser Vision Guide with Brother Dreamweaver”

  1. it’s great to know even YOU still have a challenge here and there! can’t wait to see the new season of ISE. We are a little behind I think, here in Canada but I always love your segments. I bought my own clapper and hubby has the nicest pressed shirt collars now! Thanks!
    – Angie


  2. A tip on putting in zippers(especially long ones.

    Place the zipper on the seam top to bottom inside seam. . Pin across the zipper at intervals. Starting at the top, bar tack across zipper teeth, maybe three tacks, lift pressed foot and drag thread down about two or less inches, repeat barrack procedure. Repeat these bar tacks all the way down to bottom of zipper. Topstitch your zipper as usual, then snip threads on barracks and they zip right out.

    April Dunn taught this procedure many years ago, it has never failed. I used it in all the gowns I made for my daughter….difficult fabrics.


  3. Miles de hispanos tenemos máquinas de coser brother, queremos vídeos y toda clase de informacion, tutoriales, etc. en español.
    Por favor considerenlo.


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