The Ruched-T Angela Wolf Pattern is Here!

I can’t believe it, but my first pattern is finished and printed!   What  an adventure this has been.  From a fashion designer perspective, I typically design a garment and have it made in a range of sizes … meaning I don’t have to supply directions with illustrations :).  Knowing I can’t be in your sewing room,  I wanted to guide you through every step in sewing a professional looking garment with a tutorial booklet.  So, I decided to ask my worst critic to review the new pattern format since he seems to be the one always sitting on my laptop keyboard, sewing machine, and papers.

This is what Tyler has to say about the first pattern AW1123 The Ruched-T

He loves the spiral bound direction booklet that accompanies every pattern, great to chew on … I chose this layout because it’s perfect to sit next to your sewing machine to follow along and take notes.


Tyler analyzed the directions and is happy to see detailed illustrations and designer sewing tips, now anyone can have a professional looking knit top in less than an hour with these easy to follow directions.  If you’re a beginner sewer there are extra sewing tips just for you.  If you are an advanced sewer, the booklet is laid out in a fashion that you can quickly skip ahead to the directions that you need.  Another great feature that will be available for all the patterns (coming in November) is a special area on the website for fitting with video’s and tutorials to help guide you through step by step.

This particular pattern has many design options including three sleeve lengths, ruching options, and various collars.  Sizing for the Angela Wolf Pattern Collection is based on the ready-to-wear clothing line so make sure to check the body measurements, this top is currently available in Misses size XXS – XL (women’s sizes will be out in January).  Checkout the website for more details.


Last, but not least, is the quality of paper the pattern is printed on.  I can’t tell you how many of my tissue patterns Tyler has shredded into pieces so I had to find an alternative.  These patterns are printed on quality paper so not only will they not shred, they hardly wrinkle … you can even write on them and keep notes for fitting.  Because the patterns are printed on one continuous sheet, you can even request that the pattern be shipped in a tube, then you won’t even have fold creases.

“Love the patterns and the fit is awesome, so the big question is how many more patterns are coming?  This took forever and you are neglecting my brushing not to mention we haven’t played fetch in ages!” … Tyler

Did I mention my cat fetches a ball, rolls over, and begs for food – totally not normal!  Well, the jean patterns are almost finished, followed by the skirts, and then onto the jackets  …

Enjoy and Cheers!  Angela


16 thoughts on “The Ruched-T Angela Wolf Pattern is Here!”

  1. Hello Angela. I am an ardent follower of young independent designers and applaud you on this achievement. Your resume reads very well and I look forward to seeing the rest of your creations for the home sewist. I anxiously await the release of your Women’s patterns in January. Best of luck with this one.


    1. Hi Katrina,
      So great to hear from you, I have been watching your work – you keep very busy! Here is a cat funny – year ago my studio was in a condo. The fitting area for my clients was at the base of a set of stairs. Tyler would sit on the second step and watch me pin the garments. One day he leaned over and pulled a pin out of the pin cushion (with his mouth!) and handed it to me. I freaked! Then he did it over and over, the clients loved it and of course I was scared to death he would swallow one. Too funny!


  2. Congratulations! Ahh I just went online to order the pattern (I love it) but the shipping to Canada was $21.00 USD. Can you please check into shipping costs for Canada as I do believe this may have been an error. Thanks 🙂


  3. Hi Angela…First, congratulations! What an accomplishment! I take your Pattern Review classes/videos and have learned so much from you.

    Secondly, I too wanted to order the pattern but the shipping to Canada is $20.67. Sadly, this would make the pattern over $40.00. 😦 Not that you’re not worth it, of course, but this is a bit out of my price range. I am anxiously awaiting your jacket pattern as I understand that it will be a download. Do you think that there would be anyway to adjust the shipping costs or make the new pattern a download?

    Thank Angela and congratulations!


  4. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for the note and I thought I fixed the shipping to Canada – sorry about that. I think I really fixed it this time 🙂 I am going to offer this pattern as a downloadable, but not for a few months. Thanks so much for joining my classes on PR.


  5. Angela! What a beautiful pattern! 70 lbs. ago I would have bought two 🙂
    Also, Luuove Tyler! What a doll. I have an orange tabby named Kumquat whose only claim to fame is that he brings mice home as presents for me – eeeewwww


  6. I found you on Pattern Review. I have to say that I am really impressed with the jeans instructions sneak peek on Youtube. I have been sewing for 6 months but based upon your instructions and tips, I think I am ready to tackle the boot cut jeans. Unlike some of the ancient big 4 patterns, your jeans are available in non-mom jeans style (medium to low rise!).

    BTW- I am onto my second fetch playing cat. When my daughter was little, she discovered that she could teach kittens to play fetch. Our current fetch playing cat also likes to sit in the sink and take a bath.


    1. Hi Sara,
      The jeans instruction booklet that comes with the pattern is easy to follow as well, go for it!
      Cat in the bath? not mine, he hates water – athough he loves car rides andn insists on sleeping on my head (despite my allergies) LOL
      Cheers 🙂


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