The 2 Second Color Check …

The 2 second color check before you buy fabric and clothing …


Great silk charmeuse outfit ... Not so great color for me!

 The color of fabric or outfit you choose is as important as the style, if not more.  Just because a fabric may be so gorgeous you can’t resist, that doesn’t mean this will look good on you – wouldn’t you rather know before you spend hours sewing up the perfect jacket.  I will never forget when I made a pair of olive-green silk charmeuse pants with a coordinating wrap blouse.  I spent hours on sewing this outfit, not to mention the price tag of silk charmeuse!   I felt like a million bucks every time I put it on – the problem was that I didn’t look like a million.  Every time I wore this out people would ask me if I was feeling ok, I soon realized that the color was washing me out.  So here is your color tip … hold up the fabric to your face and look in the mirror:

  • If you look washed out or “sick” find another color or a different tone within that color pallette (for example instead of a yellowish teal look at the teal with a blue undertone)
  • If your cheeks become rosy and bright – BINGO you found one of your perfect colors!

This seriously takes 2 seconds, and works every time.  If you have a fabric that you know is not one of your “Bingo” colors, try layering it and using a better color closer to your face.  Good Luck!

One thought on “The 2 Second Color Check …”

  1. I learned this the hard way, when I was much younger. Way back when floral patterned jeans were popular. Being particular about the floral, I fianlly found one that I really liked. Then, to match a sweater to one of the colors. There were oranges and yellows, and greens, not my favorites, and there was a light purple, kinda of a lavender color. And lo, the store had a v-neck sweater that color in stock. Every time I wanted to look special, I would put on that outfit, and almost every time, I woulds take it right back off. It just didn’t look right. I couldn’t figure out what it was. Then one very cold day, I decided to wear a turtleneck (white) under the sweater, and it looked great. The next time I tried to wear it without turtleneck, ugh!
    And so, I figured it out. But I really didn’t like the sweater with the turtleneck much.
    So after about a year, I gave the sweater to my sister-in-law. And every time she wore it, she looked great! It was obviously HER color. Now, I won’t even look at anything that color in the store.


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